Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Public Health Preparedness Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Public Health Preparedness - Research Paper Example On the other hand, practical acts of violence like terror bombardments results in physical injuries and death. Health and security are related since employees within a healthcare institution cannot deliver their services with utter peace of mind when there is an impending threat of violence. On the other hand, anxiety in the society resulting from terror threats cannot enable individuals to hold their physical and mental components in good health. In this regard, healthcare institutions should ensure preparedness of their systems to handle emergency situations caused by insecurity incidences. Prior to examining the essential preparedness measures, it is worth acknowledging the actual effects of insecurity to healthcare delivery. Firstly, terrorists and any perpetrators of insecurity do not apply discrimination while selecting their battlegrounds. Suicide bombers can even walk into a hospital’s sickbay full of patients and detonate an explosive device. This means that violence and terrorism renders a healthcare facility insecure. According to Gilliam and Yates (2012), fears prevailing within a healthcare environment with insecurity undermine the level of competence demonstrated by doctors and nurses while treating patients. Apart from insecure healthcare environment, violence and terrorism causes massive casualties, some of which may be in critical conditions. Normally, a healthcare facility with 600-bed capacity does not have an emergency department to host 300 patients in critical condition. This means that incidences of insecurity like terror bombardments may co mpromise on effectiveness of a healthcare facility in terms of capacity. Therefore, it is advisable for healthcare facility managers to make hay while the sun shines; by ensuring thorough preparedness for imminent emergency situations. In healthcare service delivery, emergency situations require employment of corresponding response procedures. During preparation for imminent emergency situations,

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