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Dulce Decorum

Taylor 1 Dying for a State through Poetry Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est uses vivid imagery which removes any romantic ideas that it is sweet and honorable to die for the fatherland. Randall Jarrell’s The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner uses ambiguity to compare death for the state and abortion. Both writings convey the horror of dying for a state. The Death of the Ball turret Gunner begins â€Å"from my mother’s sleep, I fell into a state and hunched in its belly until my fur froze. † This is saying that the gunner was born from his mother’s warmth into a cold state, as he is born in the belly of a high altitude bomber.The â€Å"State† is referred to as cold and less nourishing in Randall Jerrell’s poem. In Dulce et Decorum Est the poem reveals hidden truths of the first world war, and showed the cruelties the soldiers had to face on a day to day basis. Dulce et Decorum est begins â€Å"Bent double, like old beggars† (5) A ll the turmoil’s that young men were put through making them feel and look older than they really were, breaking them down making them lose their spirit they had as young men. What makes this poem unique is the fact that Wilfred Owen was there to witness the horrors of the first world war.Owen continues â€Å"An ecstasy of fumbling fitting helmets. † As the soldiers ran from the gas bombs their helmets bouncing on their heads, putting them at bigger risk of dying for your country. War is often glorified by others that have not experienced how horrifying war can be and they think that they can be hero’s, because of stories they heard as a child from a mother or a father that makes war seem romantic and patriotic so they should enlist in the romance of being that hero not realizing that the war is truly a horrifying experience.Owen states at the end of his poem â€Å"to children ardent for some desperate glory† (25) Children who think it is sweet and honora ble to die for ones country because someone who has no experience has told them stories of romance and patriotism allowing them to believe they will be hero’s in the perfect dream. Taylor 2 Wilfred Owen and Randall Jerrell both tell the gruesome truths of the war and ow it really was to be that unsung hero that watched his friends die and be put into a cart to be hauled off not really knowing if their families and loved ones knew they had passed on, or how it was to be the product of a war and to not live past your first hour because you were born into the freezing belly of a bomber plane and treated like trash when the plane has finally landed and was being cleaned out. How the war today is any different than what both of these authors are trying to say?There is no difference because in Dulce et Decorum est the very last words â€Å"The old lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. † â€Å"It is sweet and honorable to die for the fatherland. † The recruitment offices of today still tell their soldiers that they are doing America a favor by fighting for them and that it is an honorable way to live life however it is not said that it is honorable if you die but if you live you have better opportunities in life to go somewhere and be someone.What happened to those young men who fought in the First World War? Most of them lost their friend because they were told it was honorable to die for their country, then a lot of them came home from the wars crippled and could not participate in the things they did before they enlisted, and then some of them came home in a plain pine box to families that only then saw the horrors of the war.

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Pilgrimage of Grace

DBQ Pilgrimage of Grace The Pilgrimage of Grace was to protest Henry VIII’s actions such as his Act of Supremacy. This lead to the implementation of new polices such as taxes, the expansion of the royal power in the North of England, the dissolution of monasteries, and the confiscation of Catholic Church lands. These actions took their toll on the country, and led to the Pilgrimage of Grace from October 1536 to February 1537. The Pilgrimage consisted of marches and protests and armed demonstrations. The re-creation of a banner of a marcher depicts God suffering, a plow and a cattle horn.This symbolizes the motivation for the Pilgrimage of Grace. It can represent the peasants who are suffering just as Jesus did (3). Peasants, clergy and gentlemen were involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace. Each of these groups of people had a distinct part in the pilgrimage. Those who opposed the movement killed many of the rebels, as they feared the rebellion of authority. The participants of th e Pilgrimage of Grace were concerned for their country and safety from enemies, and therefore, their goals were more representation, and a restoration of the Catholic organizations such as monasteries.The peasants and clergy were the largest group in the Pilgrimage of Grace, and the most affected by Henry VIII’s actions. Due to the closure of the monasteries by the government, the peasants made a declaration that they must now rely on charity, faith, poverty, and that they must be ready to help one another should thieves or Scots try to rob them (2). This reason for protest contradicts other reasons such as the â€Å"Oath of Honorable Men†, which states that one should not enter the Pilgrimage for wordy gain, but for his love of God (1).The Catholic clergy, who now could not practice their faith in England, had their land taken away and were heavily convicted by the government, as shown in the lyrics to a ballad a monk wrote, â€Å"†¦And held in bonds. Robbed, sp oiled and shorn†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (4). The clergy and peasants were concerned for their future in northern England, and protested to get back the land and religion, which the government had taken from them. Gentlemen also were involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace.Some who were members of Parliament did not like Thomas Cromwell’s influence on the King, which took power from the Parliament. In an anonymous pamphlet, Cromwell is called a traitor and that he should be removed from office to restore authority to Parliament (6). Robert Aske gives the goals of all those who participated in the Pilgrimage in his petition to the member of the King’s Council, which includes having the head of the church be the pope in Rome, to have Thomas Crowell punished, and to have the monasteries and church lands restored (5).Throughout the Pilgrimage, there were riots in which both commoners and gentlemen were involved (8). Many of them were arrested and convicted. The closing of the monastery w as a detriment to the country in the eyes of the gentlemen, as can be seen in Robert Aske’s testimony, in which he asks the king to return to the ways of the Catholic Church (11). Although many common people, clergy, and gentlemen supported the Pilgrimage, it was opposed by the creators of these laws, King Henry, and high ranking officials.In Richard Madison’s â€Å"A Remedy for Sedition†, Madison argues that the inferior must be content that the wiser rule them, which is necessary in a commonwealth. If this order isn’t in place, then no one would obey and there would be chaos (7). Nicholas Leche criticizes the gentlemen who did not stand up against the opposition in his testimony (8). Henry VII himself gives a speech pardoning the commoners would have rebelled against him on the grounds of ignorance, so long as they immediately stop protesting and submit to his monarchy (9).In the trials against those involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace, 67 percent of th e gentlemen tried were convicted, and 62 percent of the peasants that were tried were convicted. In comparison, 80 percent of the clergy tried were convicted. This reflects heavy opposition against the clergy, who in the government’s eyes were the cause of the Pilgrimage. In spite of the efforts of the participants of the pilgrimage of Grace, none of their goals were met. England was not reconciled to the Catholic Church, nor did the monasteries reopen. Cromwell’s moves toward Protestantism were final.

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Dominique Francon loves Roark yet struggles to destroy him. Why And Essay

Dominique Francon loves Roark yet struggles to destroy him. Why And how does this conflict connect to the novel's theme and meaning - Essay Example olumn seriously, and instead uses it to mock the institution that she writes for, the architects she writes about, and even the readers who read her work and actually take what she writes seriously. We might even go so far as to say that she mocks herself when she makes a mockery of her column which is a parody of what a real newspaper column should be. While she despises people such as Ellsworth Toohey and Peter Keating, she sees them socially and heaps praises on them through her writing and even marries Peter Keating at one point in the novel. The greatest contradiction that we find in Dominique Francon is her apparent love for Howard Roark and her continuous attempts to discredit and destroy him as an architect, which is to say that she seeks to destroy him as a man. But it cannot be doubted that she loves Howard Roark – from the moment they met, she became compelled to have him in her thoughts all the time. Also from the moment they met, her very existence became a struggle against wanting to go to him and knowing that she must wait for him to come to her. After leaving the countryside (and the quarry), Dominique felt that â€Å"she was not free any longer. Each step through the streets hurt her now. She was tied to him - as he was tied to every part of the city.† (Rand, 1943) However, after (officially) meeting him at a formal party and finding out that he was the architect Howard Roark, she used her column to sway the public’s sympathy away from Roark’s buildings, by seeming to take a disparaging attitude against his buildings, most notably against the Enright house. Within that contradiction is another contradiction, in the sense that Dominique chooses to disparage Roark’s work by subtly praising it, by saying that it makes all other buildings look terrible because of because of the contrast between Roark’s buildings’ marked greatness and understated dignity and everything else in the city – an act that goes unnoticed by most readers and is

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Collaborative Goals Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Collaborative Goals - Coursework Example I and my partner went to different places to question them but in the end we did not get enough time to collaborate and this led to a abrupt presentation. The presentation did not turn out to be pleasant enough as we did not combine our views regarding the community. We were not able to collaborate with each other because we were not able to allocate the time properly. We spent too much time questioning people and in the end did not get enough time to organize the presentation. We should have rather given more time to organize our presentation so that we could achieve our collaborative goals. A conflict situation can be avoided if the collaborative goals are aimed by all the individuals involved. We did not aim to complete these goals and went abruptly in the situation. I learned to collaborate after the incident and made sure that I never committed the same mistake again. 3.Select three (3) different relationship contexts such as school, work, friendship, and romantic relationship. Friendship :- Jealousy, Attention, Intelligence Romantic relationship: - Time, Love, Jealousy Work: - Jealousy, Competitiveness, Discrimination Friendship is a bond between two friends which can be affected by little things.

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Formation of International contract in the ( CISG ) under actical Essay

Formation of International contract in the ( CISG ) under actical 1224,8,9,11,29 - Essay Example It may be noted that a contract essentially contains two elements: Agreement and enforceability by law. An agreement is defined as 'every promise and every set of promises forming consideration for other.' This essentially means that there should be an offer and acceptance to form an agreement. It is important that before an agreement is finalized there should be a Consensus ad idem (Consensus to the matter) between the two parties. Both the contracting parties should 'say and mean the same' without which there cannot be a contract (Bharadwaj). The other element of contract, enforceability by law, emphasizes the importance of intention to create a legal obligation or duty to perform or abstain from performing certain act(s). These acts could relate to social or legal matters. The initial efforts to develop a uniform law of international sales began in 1930 under the auspices of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT). UNIDROIT submitted two draft conventions: the Convention Relating to a Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods (ULISG or ULIS) and the Convention Relating to a Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (ULFC or ULF). ... Although both draft conventions were adopted at a 1964 Diplomatic Conference in The Hague, many states, including the United States, did not ratify them. Some of the criticisms expressed were that the provisions primarily reflected the legal traditions and economic realities of continental Western Europe (Germain). There is a distinction between a sale and an agreement to sell. This distinction between a sale and an agreement to sell can be summarized as follows: 1. A contract which contemplates transfer of title to goods to the buyer immediately is a sale while a contract which does not contemplate a transfer of title to goods immediately is an agreement to sell. 2. A contract of sale is an executed contract. It involves a contract plus a conveyance of the property. When the property is transferred, the rights and liabilities attached to the goods are also transferred. An agreement to sell, on the other hand, is an executor contract. The property in the goods does not pass until a certain time has lapsed or until a certain condition is fulfilled. 3. In an agreement to sell, the seller remains the owner of the property until it is actually transferred to the buyer at a future point of time. However, in a contract of sale, the buyer becomes the owner immediately and all the risks attached to the goods are passed on to him irrespective of the fact whether the goods are delivered to him or not and whether the price is paid or not. 4. In an agreement to sell, the seller agrees to sell the goods for a price and the buyer agrees to buy the goods for a price. In a contract of sale, the seller sells the goods to the buyer for a price. 5. The consequences of a breach of an agreement to sell is as follows: a. In case the buyer defaults, the seller may sue for

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Christopher Columbus, journal excerpts and letter Essay

Christopher Columbus, journal excerpts and letter - Essay Example The sojourner reached remote islands and places. He named the first island found San Salvador in honor to Lord and Saviour who gave such ‘miracle’ (Cohen, 1992, p. 115) although natives called it Guanahani. The second island he has gone to was named Santa Maria de Concepcion, the third was â€Å"Fernandina† and the fourth was â€Å"Isabela†. The fifth island was named â€Å"Juana† (Cohen 1992 p. 115). What catches Columbus’ attention as he makes and encounters the native islanders? When Columbus met some native men gathered he immediately took notice of their masculine features, long hair and bodies painted in black, red and white. His compassion made him think that these persons should be converted to Christianity â€Å"by love and not by force†. (Cohen 1992) He also noticed that there were villagers who immediately left their homes when the ships were seen to have arrived in the area. In his report, he described his amazement at how these people received their gifts and their strong interest in material things was illustrated by how the natives immediately put these materials on their body (Mar, 1996).

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Character & Theme in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay

Character & Theme in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Essay Example So, the intriguing plot development begins in the Arctic Circle as the symbol of mystery and unpredictability. The time when the novel was written was that of rapid scientific explorations. As well as many other young men, Victor Frankenstein was fond of natural scientific researches and decided to devote himself to the science. But he did not just scientific experiments, but he decided to transform living substance from the dead one! Victor Frankenstein's explorations were based on medieval alchemists' researches which tried to prove that resuscitation is possible and a human being can be immortal. Alchemists provided such experiments but nevertheless their dream wasn't realized. But the people's dream of resuscitation and transformation of lifeless substance was and is still survived, and this aspiration is eloquently reflected in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. In the spirit of Enlightenment, Victor Frankenstein tried to explore the human nature. He was sure that scientific reason can surpass God, and he made his supernatural experiments intending to bring scientific benefit to the mankind. The spirit of Enlightenment appealed liberty, including human liberty from God, and Frankenstein wanted to realise this idea, but he transformed this idea into the idea of artificial intelligence. It was a popular philosophical idea, and it still survives today, in our century of genetic engineering. But that time Victor Frankenstein used less effective scientific methods than we do today: he used electricity. Experiments with electricity were very popular in the 18th and the 19th century, and many scientists tried to apply it in many realms, including medicine. The experiments with electricity were widely used in medicine as the demonstration showing that frog leg can jolt under the influence of electricity - Victor Frankenstein decided to use this technology for resuscitation. He imagined himself as a great scientist who is able to surpass God and create new life using scientific methods: "So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein--more, far more, will I achieve; t reading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation" (Chapter 3). In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the old idea of aspiration of man superiority over nature is clearly visible. Alchemists and different scientific experimenters always aspired to surpass nature and place a man over nature, and they didn't reflect possible consequences. Victor Frankenstein realised the danger, nevertheless he went on. But later he found that his creature is not as ideal as he had planned. The monster was ugly, and nobody could see it without fear, and even his creator couldn't look at him without fear: "I had gazed on him while unfinished; he was ugly then, but when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived" (Chapter 5). What was Victor's purpose to create his monster It was an ambition of a man who tried to use his experiments to demonstrate the power of science and the power of humans over nature. Victor internalized his monster, and then

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Factores affecting drivers behaviour at major and minor junctios ( Essay

Factores affecting drivers behaviour at major and minor junctios ( literature review , collection and analysis of datas ) - Essay Example Crossroads are then discussed within the same design and control framework, with indications of the methods used for controlling traffic though the major/minor priority areas. The next topic to be considered is the matter of multilevel road junctions – intersections: over- and underpasses – and the influence of the additional factors such as road works, the road surface, the weather and darkness. There are many government surveys which address a wide variety of geometric and other factors which can affect the speed and ease of passage through the junctions, all of which will affect the vehicle capacity. Junction design in two specific cases, in the UK – T- junctions and crossroads are considered and, where appropriate, the reasons for the design choice are discussed as well as the effect on traffic throughput and capacity. The third component of the narrative to be considered in this exercise is the driver and his/her response to the different stimuli which may contribute to his/her ability to drive safely. There are essentially three main categories (1) those which are permanent or semi-permanent; such as state of health, tiredness, influence of drugs or alcohol, age and gender (2) distractions, generally intermittent, which arise from activities within the car caused either by the driver or passengers (3) distractions which are external to the car; such as weather, other drivers and signs – whether relative to the road and junctions or advertisements. Drugs have the capacity to impair the driver’s judgement and give rise to a false degree of self-confidence. Alcohol also impairs the driver’s ability to make coherent and capable decisions, affects reaction speeds, and results in overconfidence. Distractions – both in-car and external - can cause severe lack of concentratio n. External distractions – which are quoted by insurance companies as contributing to a majority of accidents – are a frequent cause of driver lack

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My Christian Way of Life Essay Example for Free

My Christian Way of Life Essay I would not start this personal essay by saying that I am a devout Christian and that I love helping people or something to that effect. I am a Christian; however, I am not the devout type. I do not regularly attend church gatherings. I do not really engage in community services or avoid vices. My moral beliefs were first cultivated by my parents’ teaching. They are devout Catholic, so it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus Christ is the most influential philosopher in my life. It is because of Him that I am able to walk through life confidently and accept different challenges. I am against violence and vengeance because He has taught us to forgive. Nevertheless, I still have my own spiritual doubts and questions about life and about being a Christian. I also consider myself as a victim of popular culture who has the tendency to get easily influenced by unreasonable circumstances. I am skeptical most of the time which is why I am convinced that Pepperdine is the most fitting university which can cater my needs for spiritual development. The fact that George Pepperdine did not mean for any of the university’s students to become full-pledged or devout Christians is what attracts me most in the university’s mission. It interest me not because I do not want to become strictly dictated by Christian values but because in this critical point of my life, I believe that I need all the freedom to make my own choices so I can later ponder about them and reflect on my own life. At a young age, a person must be allowed to discover his or her own spirituality by his or her own means. This way, this person can become more experienced and driven to arrive to what he or she believes is the truth about one’s spiritual being. If one would analyze one’s surroundings closely, it is evident that we live in a material world. Everything that our eyes conceive is physically material. On the contrary, I believe that there is much more in this world than earthly things. The world is a puzzle that we need to piece together—a problem that we need to solve. However, it is a problem unsolvable—a problem too complex and beyond comprehension. Yet, we can only see the world as such if we close our eyes from superficiality and open them to greater extents. Simply put, the world is merely an illusion that we have created to fulfill our sight—and the only way to avoid being fully blinded by it is to develop our own spirituality. A person who aspires to accomplish a developed spiritual being must learn how to act in his or her own accord. Religion can be quite pressuring at times, which can even cause a person to lose his way. However, if one is given enough leeway to discover everything on his or her own, this person becomes more responsible in choosing the right path without any feeling of rebellion or being forced. I am confident that through the guidance of a university which values Christianity, I can become more disciplined and responsible in discovering the spiritual aspect of my life. I do not usually attend Sunday church but I honestly have my so-called personal relationship with God. I am more comfortable in talking to Him like a confidant who is always ready and available to listen than repeating prayers everyday. George Pepperdine is right. Maybe I am not fully aware yet of what is the real Christian way of life. Maybe â€Å"personal relationship† with God is not enough to be called a true Christian. Maybe it includes so much more than just a relationship. I guess I am not that confident yet about my own spirituality which is more than just a reason enough for me to become accepted in this university.

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Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy for Childminders Essay Example for Free

Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy for Childminders Essay The safety of children in my care is paramount and it is my policy to take necessary steps to keep children safe when they are in my care. I will promote good health, will prevent accidents and take steps to prevent the spread of illness and infection. I have a responsibility to all children in my care to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is provided at all times. I hold contact details of parents (or another appropriate person, such as grandparent) at all times, provided by parents and stored securely within the child’s records. I hold written permission from each of the children’s parents in the child’s record form files to enable me to seek emergency treatment for their child if it’s needed. As a registered childminder I am required to notify Ofsted of any serious accidents, illnesses or injuries of any child whilst in my care within 14 days of an incident occurring. I will ensure that my pets are safe to be around children and do not pose a health risk. ACCIDENT POLICY As a registered childminder, I am legally required to have a valid first aid certificate. This enables me to administer basic first aid treatment, and my first aid boxes are clearly labelled and easily accessible and are stored in the outside and inside play-room’s. Parents are asked to sign an accident book if injuries occur whilst in my care. Also if a child should come into my care with an injury of any kind, the parent will be asked to sign the book reporting the injury.  Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. I will use my best judgement as to how other children will be looked after. You would be consulted about this by phone. There is a parent ring round provision in the event of an emergency to inform all parents of children under my care. If an accident or incident involving a child in my care may result in an insurance claim I will contact my public liability insurance provider to discuss my case and be allocated a claim number. This may involve discussing details of the child in my care with a third party. ACCIDENT PROCEDURE In the event of an accident whilst the child is in my care, I will: †¢ deal with any minor accidents. †¢ record all information, including names of witness(es), in the accident book. †¢ request parents, on picking up the child / children, to sign the accident book and read the information regarding the incident. †¢If I am unable to get hold of parents or other named appropriate adult, he/she will immediately be taken to see a doctor at Bishops Waltham Health Centre – or hospital if necessary and I will stay until parent arrives In the event of an accident in the home: †¢ Parents must inform me of any accident at home and record it in the accident at home area of the accident book. Further observation of injury on a child which has not been reported to me by the parent nor occurred whilst in my care, parents will be asked for information on the incident and instructed to write in the back of the accident book. In the event of me being subject to an accident: If I have an accident, I will get the nearest responsible adult to help, while my emergency back-up people are being contacted. I will do my best at all times to make sure the children in my care are safe, reassured and kept calm. ILLNESS POLICY I will do everything I can to take care of your child if they are feeling unwell by comforting them and giving them appropriate medicine you have approved and have signed a declaration permitting me to administer. If I am in need of support or advice regarding a serious illness or incident involving a child in my care I may contact National Childminding Association who will log information regarding the incident with regard to their safeguarding policy. A NCMA designated officer will be assigned to my case and all the information given to them will be kept confidentially unless their appear is to be a child protection issue which will be reported accordingly. ILLNESS PROCEDURE You must inform me if your child has been ill overnight or the previous day. I might have other children I am taking care of and need to ensure your child does not have an infectious illness. Medicines will be kept in a safe place and will be logged in the ‘medicine book’. However, if you child arrives ill, I will take a decision as to whether the child is fit to attend or not. If not, the parent will be asked to take the child home. If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will: 1.Contact you for agreement to administer ‘calpol’ (if appropriate and agreed) and if your child remains ill after one hour you will be asked to collect your child and make a doctors appointment. 2.You will be required to keep your child at home until they are recovered so that your child can be cared for on a one to one basis at home. 3.In the following circumstances children may be required to stay at home: Diarrhoea and/or vomiting, a rash, conjunctivitis. 4.If I am unable to get hold of parents or other named appropriate adult, he/she will immediately be taken to see a doctor at Bishops Waltham Health Centre – or hospital if necessary and I will stay until parent arrives Infectious illness: In the event of your child contracting chicken-pox, mumps, measles etc, or a fever or temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 degrees centigrade or over your child will not be able to attend under my care and must remain at home. EMERGENCY POLICY Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. In the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, I will attempt to inform the parents immediately and take the child to hospital. I will stay with the child until the parents arrive. EMERGENCY PROCEDURE As a registered Child-Minder and trained paediatric first aider, I will ensure that the most appropriate treatment is given or acted upon for your child in my care; however if I have more than 1 child in my care, I will use my best judgement as to how other children will be cared for. Initial action will be reporting the incident to the parent by phone. We practice a parent ring round provision in the event of an emergency to inform all parents of children under my care. If parents do not arrive or I am unable to contact them, I will stay with the child until the appropriate treatment has been given and then return home where your child would be cared for until the arrival of the parent

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Threat Of New Market Entrants Management Essay

Threat Of New Market Entrants Management Essay For this assignment, we have chosen Rehm Grinaker Construction Company Ltd and have identified its strategic marketing strategies. The Construction industry plays a major role in transforming the wants and needs of people into reality; they are realised through construction projects which includes infrastructure such as roads, schools, houses, hospitals, airports, factories and dams. At present, the Construction industry in Mauritius is booming; many construction projects are being developed. Rehm Grinaker is considered as one of the leading construction company in Mauritius. Companys Profile REHM-Grinaker Co. Ltd is a renowned construction company in Mauritius and it was founded in 1991. Over the years, REHM-Grinaker has grown from modest beginnings into being a well-recognized, leading multi-disciplinary construction company reputed throughout Mauritius for delivering quality work on time.  REHM-Grinaker has a permanent workforce of over one thousand five hundred well qualified Mauritian staff.  In its 20 years of operation REHM-Grinaker has played a role in all sectors of the thriving Mauritian economy through the construction of commercial and office buildings, hotels and leisure facilities, stadia, luxury villas, industrial buildings, roads and bridges, healthcare facilities, the renovation of historical buildings, the construction of golf courses, marine works, water and sewage treatment plants, power plants, pipelines, and all types of major infrastructure and building works. REHM-Grinaker is a majority Mauritian shareholder company, with the added advantage of being able to access the expertise and resources of shareholder Aveng Grinaker-LTA, one of the largest Construction companies in Africa. Research Methodology The Construction industry has been facing a lot of issues, particularly when it comes to the marketing of their products because of the little significance given to the Marketing philosophy. Hence, the research methodology has helped to gather the required data for the research in order to better understand how REHM-Grinaker designed its marketing strategies to better sell its products. In an attempt to analyse the Strategic Marketing Management of REHM-Grinaker, an appointment was made with Mr P. Moothien Pillay, HR Manager at REHM-Grinaker in Arsenal on Monday 27th September 2012 at 10.00 a.m at the headquarters itself. All members of the group attended the in-depth interview. The latter covered various areas of the Strategic Marketing Management process, namely: Business Definition, Mission, Vision and Goals of REHM-Grinaker Marketing Audit: Internal and External Audits Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies Marketing tactics/mix decisions Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility Strategic Planning Evaluation and Control processes A short questionnaire (see Appendix 1) was designed as a guide in order to establish a flow in the way the questions were asked to the interviewee. The interview lasted for one hour and thirty-seven minutes and was recorded. From this interview, a proper analysis of REHM Grinakers marketing strategies was possible. Analysis of Findings The analysis and findings part will enable describe the information gleaned at REHM-Grinaker during the interview. All relevant data pertaining to the marketing strategies of this company will be studied thoroughly and commented on. Business Definition, Mission, Vision and Goals of REHM-Grinaker Business Definition Rehm Grinaker is a well known company in Mauritius providing construction services to firms and the government. It is among the leading companies in Mauritius since it has gained the reputation for delivering quality work on time.   Therefore, Rehm Grinaker particularly deals with big companies who can have the means to pay for the premium services it offers and hence the projects on which the company has worked are important ones and it uses the latest technology available to facilitate construction. For example, building the biggest shopping mall in Mauritius, that is, Bagatelle, on the Ring Road Phase 1 and the overlaying of the runway at the SSR International Airport. Mission Rehm Grinaker has five core values and for the company abiding by these is fundamental. The five core values are listed below: Safety Accountability Integrity Client satisfaction Employee fulfilment Hence, by implementing these values the company has been able to have a clear insight to develop its mission efficiently. Rehm Grinaker focuses immensely on providing quality service on time to its clientele to gain client satisfaction. However, achieving client satisfaction for Rehm Grinaker also means that this is done in accountability and integrity whereby its employees are safe and they are satisfied with their work. Thus, employees of Rehm Grinaker know these values and its importance and abide by them. Vision Build a better future. Rehm Grinaker has the above as its vision and this means the company wants the countrys advancement and by providing premium construction services it is contributing towards achieving its vision. Converting Environmental Opportunities into Organizational Opportunities This refers to fulfilling the unmet or changing customer needs; satisfy the unsatisfied buyer groups or using new means or technology for delivering value to prospective buyers. At Rehm Grinaker, the service that they provide to their customers is always up to date since they focus on delivering quality service. For instance, the company tries to minimum damage as much as it can pertaining to the environment and also tries to use eco friendly materials. Hence, its clientele are satisfied and the case whereby there are unsatisfied customers is quite rare. Nevertheless, if it happens then the company tries to find out the reasons which has caused dissatisfaction and takes the necessary actions to remedy the situation. As well, Rehm Grinaker uses the latest technology regarding its machines and equipments to facilitate the tasks of its employees and also to deliver premium construction services. Hence, the company invests in technology so that it is able to use the most efficient means in construction. Additionally, Rehm Grinaker is known to deliver quality service on time; this means the company respects the deadline given to complete its work and the latest technologies as well as the qualified labour force helps to achieve this goal. Marketing Audit Swot analysis of Rehm Grinaker Strengths The Rehm Grinaker has trained and motivated staff to serve its customers. This can benefit the organization in terms of greater productivity and serving customers better. It helps to improve the organisations image when dealing with customers. Rehm Grinaker offers specialized construction schemes to its customers. Therefore customers are now faced with greater choice and may customize what they want to build. in this context Rehm Grinaker is more customer focused. The organization operated in an environmental friendly way. The quality of service is provided at its highest. Since the organisations main motto is Quality on time, the organization makes sure that any project is being delivered on time with the highest quality. Weaknesses The cost of production is increasing every day. The cost of materials such as cement and iron bars are examples amongst others. It is difficult for the company to keep in touch with technological advances due to high cost of investment. Opportunities Rehm Grinaker can take advantage of government projects such as the building of new road networks and other projects. Expatriated labour is available at cheaper rates from countries like China and India. This can bring a decrease in the labour cost resulting in lower costs of production. Financial support is provided by banks. This can be used to improve the companys financial position. Threats There is existence of other competing firms in the construction industry such as Gamma Civic, Padco, and General Construction amongst others. Internal Audit of Rehm Grinaker This includes the objectives of Rehm Grinaker that is, it has evolved to become one of the leaders in the multidisciplinary building and civil engineering construction services. Structure of Rehm Grinaker: The management team comprises of the following: Managing Director Executive Director Financial Director Construction Manager Commercial Manager Rehm Grinaker has achieved many successes for instance it is known to have built Bagatelle Mall, and Caudan Phase II. It is presently involved in the construction of Ring Road Phase I, overlaying of the runway at SSR International Airport among other projects.  Moreover, it also provides a quality service to its clients on time and it is also considered to be a profitable and well known construction company since it originates from one of the largest construction companies in South Africa. External Audit of Rehm Grinaker The external audit comprises of the following: Micro environment-Consists of employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, intermediaries who are involved with production and sales. Employees-Rehm Grinaker Construction Ltd provides its employees the necessary tools and equipment for them to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently. For instance, the workers wear reflective vest, hard hat, gloves, safety glasses and security shoes. Safety and security facilities are provided to the workers and in order to motivate them to work in difficult conditions incentives are also given to them. Customers-Rehm Grinaker delivers its projects on times to satisfy its customers and to maintain a good Customer Relationship Management. It also makes follow ups with its clients due to the rising customer expectations and increased competiveness has become a key feature of the construction industry. Suppliers-Rehm Grinaker buys construction components from Gamma Civic Ltd and Betonix Ltd. The company focuses on quality and prompt delivery in order to meet customer expectations that is raw materials need to be provided on time and it also believes in maintaining good Supplier Relationship Management. Competitors-The competitors in the construction industry are differentiated in terms of brand name, quality, and price and among others. They influence the factors when making tenders and bids to obtain a construction contract. Intermediaries- Rehm Grinaker engages only in offering construction services to clients. Hence, when Rehm Grinaker needs to buy construction materials for its construction projects it negotiates directly with Gamma Civic Ltd. External audit Porters Five Forces Model The importance of designing competitive strategy is to relate REHM-Grinaker to its environment in which it is operating. The strategic marketing manager seeking to develop an edge over rival firms can use the Porters model to better understand the industry context in which the construction firms operate in Mauritius. Michael Porter provided a framework that models an industry as being influenced by five forces: Threat of new market entrants The barriers to entry into the current Mauritian construction markets is not high, because there are common technology used, access to distribution channels and low scale investment. The only possible barrier is the goodwill that the current companies have established. Hence, the corporate image in the construction market is one competitive advantage. With the development of the current economic globalisation, more and more foreign companies are entering the Mauritian construction market. Furthermore, Mauritius forms part in the World Trade Organisations, SADC, and COMESA. These multinational organisations, either developed countries (e.g LAXCON Construction from Kenya) or from industrialized countries such as Colas Ltd is from France; these companies have an upper hand in terms of technology, management skills or capital as well as costs. This will bring a serious threat to the current companies, including REHM Grinaker. Threat of substitute products In the construction industry, the threat of the substitute can be assumed not existent, because of the non-substitutional nature of products or services provided by the industry, for instance there will be the absolute use of cement, rock sand, hollow concrete blocks, aggregates, iron bars and other such materials during the construction of any building, and so the question of having close-substitutes does not arise as such. Bargaining Power of Buyers In the construction industry, customers choose the contractor through a tender system. For instance, they will prefer the contractor offering the lowest price for its service and as REHM Grinaker wants to position its service as a quality service rather than relying on a penetration pricing strategy to win a bid. It somehow wants to differentiate itself from competitors like IREKO which offers a poor service at a much lower cost. Therefore, to REHM Grinaker, customers satisfaction is very important to build its repute across Mauritius and will hence comply with each and every of their exigencies (for instance, changing the whole architecture while construction is already underway, short notice deadlines) to avoid switching to competitors. Bargaining power of suppliers REHM Grinakers main suppliers are Gamma Materials Ltd, UBP. The latter are well known for providing quality products and have a considerable impact on the final delivery of REHM Grinaker to its clients. So, REHM Grinaker has no other choice but rely on these specific suppliers. Unlike Gamma Civic, it does not have the possibility of cutting on the buyer by going forward vertical integration that is produce its own raw materials itself. Hence, it is compelled to keep a good relationship with its suppliers. Existing competitive rivalry between competitors As in any industry in Mauritius and abroad, there is rivalry among competitors and the construction industry is not left out. For instance, the main rivals of REHM Grinaker are: General Construction Co Ltd, Gamma Civic, PAD Co., and BCE. So according to the strategies used by its main competitors, REHM Grinaker has to tailor-make and thus differentiate its strategies in order to outmatch them and be a leader of this market. PESTLE Analysis of REHM GRINAKER Political and Legal factors According to the manager of REHM Grinaker, the government focuses heavily on foreign contractors which impacts negatively on REHM Grinaker in the form of competition. Moreover, certain companies in the construction sector are more privileged when compared to Rehm Grinaker since they got high political background. On the other hand, for the legal factors, REHM Grinaker needs to agree upon several binding laws such as the labour laws and safety laws impose by the government. For example according to the safety law, it is recommended to have one full time registered safety officer and for REHM Grinaker it employs one senior safety manager, two safety managers and six trainee safety officers. Economic factors For the economic factors, the manager of REHM Grinaker believes that the construction sector in Mauritius is fluctuating. The demand is falling and according to him investors also are not investing their money as they are looking for the stability of the Mauritian economy. He also mentioned that due to the recent downturn, the economic situation is unstable for the construction industry as a whole. Social and Environmental factors As for the social factors, 2% of REHM Grinaker profits go for the CSR fund where the bulk of the money goes mainly for the unprivileged and disable children. For example they donate funds to APEIM and to several schools for disabled children. On the other hand, for environmental factors, the manager believes in building what is designed. He pointed out they do care for the environment when they are undertaking construction work and for each project they undertake, an environment management plan is prepared whereby according to him it consists of how to promote a safe environment that is not to harm the environment. A plan for management of waste also is prepared and strategies on how to avoid less pollution such as noise and air pollution while working. Technological factors Nowadays REHM Grinaker is engaged into the construction of huge buildings such as Bagatelle and SIT business and knowledge centre with the help of new and modern equipments. According to the manager, REHM Grinaker makes use of big cranes to facilitate and makes it easier to work. They also make use of reusable equipment, such as metal which is more flexible instead of wood which were used long ago. Moreover, one example of new equipment that was used in the construction of Bagatelle is the post tension cables. THE BCG MATRIX In the light of the information obtained from the interview with Mr Moothien Pillay, it could be deduced that REHM Grinaker is found in the Star segment of the BCG Matrix. The organization is one of the market leaders in the construction sector with so many outstanding projects in the pipeline. THE ANSOFF MATRIX As from the Ansoff Matrix, and according to the interview, it could be deduced that REHM Grinaker is actually in the Market development section. Since its 21 years of existence, it has not quite diverted from its main activity which is the construction of infrastructures. However, this company has been trying to capture new markets at all times. It is going for more prominent projects. From the extension and renovation of small buildings, it has of late been involved in the construction of Bagatelle and Cascavelle Malls, which are, if not, the biggest projects REHM Grinaker has ever embarked on. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility One of the most important marketing assets of REHM Grinaker, according to the Manager, is its corporate image. As far as ethical considerations are concerned, integrity is one of the main core values of REHM Grinaker. Personal relationships with suppliers, clients and project managers are always managed in an ethical manner and the organization does not run on bribes. There is no preference for family members of employees in the organization and a decent salary is given to all employees. No one worker on sites is exploited. Therefore, REHM Grinaker makes it an adage to work in the cleanest environment. And if anyone is aware of any unethical behaviour, it is the onus of that person to report it. Therefore, REHM Grinaker wants live up to its good reputation and this is the best marketing strategy it can possibly flaunt. Furthermore, as any organization, REHM Grinaker does not fail to contribute 2% of its profits to the CSR Fund. Nonetheless, it has also engaged itself in many social work activities. Since its headquarters is found in a poverty-stricken area, REHM Grinaker has chosen to help the underprivileged children living in the vicinities. The company namely invested in education training as well as in organizing events for them during the festive season. Again, through this endeavour, REHM Grinaker wants to differentiate itself and improve its corporate image. STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS In todays highly competitive business environment, organisations must engage themselves in strategic planning that clearly defines the mission, objectives and assesses both the internal and external situation to formulate strategy, implement the strategy, evaluate the progress and make adjustments as necessary to stay on track. THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Mission Objectives Situation /Strategic Analysis Strategy Formulation/ Strategic Choice Strategy Implementation/Control Strategic Analysis/Situation analysis The environment Pestle analysis of Rehm Grinaker Strategic Capabilities Swot analysis of Rehm Grinaker Stakeholders expectations The stakeholders of Rehm Grinaker expects that the management and the employees perform their duties conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with the best interests of them and the company. Moreover, Rehm-Grinaker is a preferred contractor for most of the major stakeholders in the industry because the company has built its success on achieving quality on time not only to the final construction product but when dealing with partners in the construction process as well. Organisational Culture The organisation culture of Rehm Grinaker is to deliver quality work on time. Strategy Formulation/Strategic Choice Given the information from the environmental scan, the firm should match its strength to the opportunities that it has identified, while addressing its weaknesses and external threats. In addition to that to have superior profitability, firms seek to develop a competitive advantage. In the case of Rehm Grinaker, it can be seen that the company has competitive edge in providing sustainable construction works and the most important competitive advantage that the firm has over its competitors is the accessibility to the expertise and resources of shareholder Aveng Grinaker-LTA, one of the largest Construction companies in Africa. Strategy Implementation/Control The selected strategy is implemented by means of programs, budgets and procedures as well as the implementation of the strategy must be monitored and adjustments made as needed. In the case of Rehm Grinaker, the company must assess their actual performances and have detailed specifications on contracts completed such as Bagatelle Infrastructure, La Croisette Bulk Earthworks, Terre Rouge Verdun, and among others.

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Celine Dion :: Canada Canadian

Celine Dion Celine Dion is a proud Canadian, that is why she has sung our national anthom at countless events, that is why she financially supports numerous Canadian organizations, that is also why she continues to make french and english albums. She is a healthy role model for young and old people all over the world, and it is an honour to say she is Canadian. Celine Dion was born in Charlemagne, Quebec, on March 30, 1968 and was the youngest of 14 children in a large musical family. Celine Dion was named after a song her mother was singing while pregnant. She was discovered singing in the family owned restaurant, at age 12, but had been singing there ever since age five, along with her other siblings. It was a small restaurant and club where the children could often showcase their musical talents where her father would play the accordian and mother the violin. At only five years old, she had already began to develop as a singer and entertainer, so it makes sense she had the talent and capability to produce her very first recording at only age twelve with her mother and her brothers. Celine was discovered by Montreal Impresario, Rene Angelil, who later became her husband, in 1981. Celine's mother had found Rene's address in an album of Ginette Reno, a popular french singer. Rene had heard the demo-tape containing the songs Cel! ine had written (In particular "Ce N'etait Qu'un Reve"-or in english, "It was Only a Dream"), and he was immediatly taken by the voice of young Celine that he became determined to make her an internationally known talent. When he first heard her sing live, he cried because it was so beautiful. Rene had so much faith in Celine, that he even mortgaged his house to finance the production of Celine's debut album. Her only obstacle for success beyond Canada and France was her French lyrics. Record companies, as it turned out, were less enthusiastic of investing in a low-class preteen than Rene Angelil was. The financial support they needed to make Celine a success was not being produced, so they created a low budget Christmas album, "Celine Chante Noel," (Celine Sings Christmas), and another album, "Voix du bon Dieu," (The Voice of God). Celine released these singles at the young age of 13, yet they proved to be very successful. Even though these were low budget, people gave the albums a chance, and soon Celine had become the teen sensation of Quebec. Her early years also brought a string of awards, allowing

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Essay --

T.Y.W. 1618-1648 The Thirty Years War was a series of conflicts, not-knowingly involving most European countries from 1618 to 1648. The war, which was fought mainly in Germany, was started when Bohemian Protestants furiously attacked the Holy Roman Emperor in terms to impose a restriction on their religious and civil liberties. By understanding the Thirty Years War, you will notice the notable religious, political and social changes. The changes paved the religious and political maps of Europe. Not only did this war affect the religious and political demographic, it caused populations to perish and lose large amounts of their goods. What was known as a religious battle, turned out to be a political feud in competition of which state has the greater power affecting men, women, soldiers and civilians. â€Å"[The bohemians] had no idea that their violent deed would set off a chain reaction of armed conflict that would last thirty years and later be called Europe’s â€Å"first world war† of the modern era.† When the war ended, the lands were defiled and over 5 million people were killed. During the Thirty Years War, men and women had to experience trials and tribulations. Solders and officials, putting fear into the eyes of the countrymen, were testing all their patience, tolerance, and rights. The soldiers thought they could do anything they wanted because they abuse their powers. Citizens were often tortured by water boarding, daggers and hung if they did not satisfy the needs and wants of the officials. Martin Botzinger briefly describes his experience saying, â€Å"they beat me to the ground with daggers†¦ both my feet were bound together, and the other took the rope round my left arm, and they shoved me in water.† Scenes like this caused so ... ... then five more, one after another†¦ they allowed themselves to eat those bodies†¦ They said, ‘it was the great unbearable famine that did it.’† The struggle to find food was real. It was a heavy burden for people to bear. The need to stay a live became a daily struggle many civilian and soldiers. The Thirty Years War, known as a religious war started off as a small debacle between the bohemians and the Roman Catholics. Not knowing this was a beginning to something big. The war that lasted thirty years, allowed for torment and diminishing events to happen. Events that effected men, women and soldiers. While some suffered more than others, there was not much left to do but to deal with what you had. The war defiled the lands of Europe leaving individuals helpless without much to eat or look forward to. All in all, the Thirty years War paved the new European landscape

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Four West European Explores That Traveled to the New World.

*2. (a) Name four west European countries that explored the New World and name* one explorer who sailed for each country, (b) Of the four *explorers, named*, state the one you would most have liked to accompany. Discuss two reasons for your choices. Four west European explores that traveled to the New World. {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Christopher Columbus (c. 1451 – 5/20/1506 Jacques Cartier (12/31/1491 – 9/1/1557) {draw:frame} John Cabot_ (c. 1450 – c. 1498)_ Pedro Alvares Cabral_ (c. 1468 – c. 520)_ The race to find new spice and travel routes spurred a very exciting time in history which eventually lead to the founding and settling of New World. These discoveries lead us to settlement and establishment ofour own country. Although Norse explorer Erik the Red’s son,Leaf Ericson landed on what he called Vinland, now Newfoundland Canada, a little over a thousand years ago, Western European countries really made the push for colonization about five hun dred years later. These countries included Spain, Portugal, England, and France. Spain had many explorers and impacts in New World exploration. With a monarchy that was willing to finance and explore, Spain found riches in gold through South, Central, and North America. Of all Spain’s, and the world’ explorers, none are more famous than Christopher Columbus. Every generation of Americans knows he set sail in 1492, but I’m surprised how many don’t realize he landed in the Caribbean, and by mistake. Looking for a spice route to the Indies, Columbus and his crew named the local inhabits Indians because he thought wrongly of his location, and eventually started disease epidemics and slavery in the area. Giovanni Caboto was a Venetian explorer who sailed for England and thus became better known as John Cabot. On 5 March 1496, King Henry VII of England basically gave Cabot free license to do whatever he wanted under the English flag. On his second voyage in 1497 he ended up in upper north east Canada and is credited with being the first European since Erikson to reach North America. With Portugal’s impact in early navigation, thanks largelyto Prince Henry the Navigator and his navigational school, it’s natural that there would be an explorer who would have an impact on New World exploration. With explorers like Dias, Magellan (who sailed for Spain), and even Columbus who lived, married, and studied in Portugal, yet another name came about. Pedro Alvares Cabral was given the task to spread Christianity were ever he went, by force if necessary. With thirteen ships, he set sail on March 9th(my birthday) 1500. After some mishaps, he finally reached what is today modern day Brazil and making claim to the New World in the name of Portugal which would later lead to a dispute under the Treaty of Tordesilas. Jacques Cartier sailed for the French and claimed what is now Canada for France. Cartier not only sailed all the way to Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Saint Lawrence River, but he was the first European to describe and map it. Of these four explorers I would choose Cabral to accompany. His voyage to Brazil was almost a world tour including Africa, India, and South America. I would prefer to stay in these regions and out of the northern colder regions as Cartier and Cabot explored.

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Persuasive Bullying Essay

This article is a practical help for you in your persuasive bullying essay writing. In order to write a good persuasive bullying essay, you have to become determine with the fact what the bullying is and how badly it influences the people. The definition of the notion of bullying is as follows: bullying is an open aggression towards a person or towards a group of people by the other person or a group of people. There are so many kinds of bullying, however, we are going to deal with the bullying, which is taking place in the colleges and other higher educational establishments because of this problem is too sharp in this very field nowadays. In order to write a professional persuasive bullying essay you have to write it from the prism of psychology. That is why be ready to investigate and analyze a lot while your persuasive bullying essay writing. A Topic Addressing a Common Occurrence Bullying Essays Need Novel and Fresh Perspectives Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied someone? Sometimes what we think as simple teasing may amount to bullying in the eyes and the minds of someone with a sensitive mind. Therefore, this is a common occurrence which has repercussions which most of us may not foresee. Writing a bullying essay, can contain the feelings you had when either being bullied or bullying someone. On the other hand, it could be about the repercussions as mental trauma undergone by the victims. There are many ways in which to write this essay. However, firstly, we need to understand what bullying is. Defining Bullying Bullying is behaviour where one individual who is usually physically bigger act obnoxiously, annoying and physically and mentally disturbing another individual. Most often bullying comes from people who are either lacking in social skills or some form of personal affliction or a complex. Bullying is most common in young children. There are many instances where a small made child is often bullied by bigger and aggressive children. But we also see adults resorting to bullying younger children or more timid individuals. Write a Bullying Essay Which Address this Social Bane The Dire Repercussions of Bullying can be addressed in a Bullying Essay Bullying is something which can occur in many places. Bullying will begin mainly in schools, beginning at the age of ten or twelve. However, it is something which many people do regardless of age as well. This extends the habit to colleges, work place and even home. Writing a bullying essay will educate you and others on the repercussions of bullying. Your essay on bullying can be handled in various ways. If you wish, you will be able to concentrate on the repercussions of being bullied, especially once itâ„ ¢s carried too far, how to stop bullying, and the reasons for bullying. Make sure that you develop a proper essay layout and plan what part of bullying you will concentrate on in your essay.

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The Human Lives Depending on Technologies

As we approach the new millenium, it has become obvious that more than ever before, we need technology. And yet every new technology places new demands upon us creating new forms of frustration and stress. We can not live with it, but we can not live without it. If we fail to conform ourselves, will we remain the ignorant victims of the computer age? Will we become its slave? This is the focus of this paper. We have learned from our readings that the Luddites learned about the technology that was being abused in their time. They worked on the cotton gin machines and were skilled technicians. They understood that it was not the power of a useful machine they were fighting but the power of those who mismanaged it. The same can be said for the management of computer technology. There is not doubt that computer technology has become central to the operation of global multinationals, financial markets, security surveillance, and as well as everyday life. There is little we can do with a computer interface device that will preserve our identity. Governments acting as a global police force protecting us from ourselves can easily monitor the electronic trail of commands and transactions. Perhaps the Luddites could see farther into the future than anyone suspected. With regards to the downfall of technology and the role it would play on people's lives, as they became dependent upon technology for survival. Let's take for example the huge technological dilemma of the fast approaching twenty-first century; the issues surrounding Y2K. It has been feared that people's lives will be totally devastated, as the technology they have grown to depend on will suddenly fail them on January 1, 2000. It is thought by many that all of the technology that we have come to depend upon for survival will cease to function successfully. The cars which we depend on for travel, the coffee we depend on to start our day, the electronically controlled furnaces we depend on for heat, and the elevators we depend on to bring us to work will suddenly fail us all together. Even the traffic lights will become chaotic as the computers that control them will be tricked into believing it is January 1, 1900. Even the great mastermind computer programmers of our time could not think of anything more than a band-aid solution to the transportation problem. It appears that the Transportation Department of the City of Calgary will solve their traffic light dilemma by tricking the computer system that controls the traffic lights into believing it is January 1, 1972. Obviously this band-aid solution will not solve all problems, as this will still be a problem for the next generation of transportation programmers. It appears as the New Millenium fast approaches we need to return to an age that does not depend on technology for survival. People are concerned that since no technology is reliable enough to survive the Y2K dilemma that we will have to return to the ways of our ancestors for survival during this time of technological uncertainty. Heaven forbid if we could not get a fresh loaf of bread from our technologically advanced breadmakers. Information technology is a valuable extension of our power of perception and reasoning, but when we rely on it exclusively it has a debilitating effect. When we were first confronted with this new technology it absorbed all of our human resources in order to learn and adapt to the magnitude of this new technology. Many of us overextend ourselves and become obsessive allowing computers to consume all of our attention; therefore, losing our perspective of reality and purpose. If this remains the permanent attitude resulting in the overextension of our own resources, which this technology was meant to serve, then we have become the servants of this technology.

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Cloud of Sparrows Short Summary Review

Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka 1. The book takes place in 1861, after Perry opens the door to Japan. After centuries of isolation, Japan is lagging behind in ways of science and weaponry. The main character, Lord Genji, is Lord of the Okumichi Clan. He and his family are cursed with visions of the future. His uncle, Lord Shigeru, sees the coming bloodshed and massacre in Japan’s future and slaughters his wife and children to prevent them from suffering through it. Heiko, another character, is a ninja who masquerades as a geisha. She falls in love with Genji, and later confesses to him.He explains that he already knew of her dubious nature and returns her love. Though later, after learning of her irredeemable origins, Genji can no longer feel the same toward her and sends her to America. Brother Zephaniah is a priest wishing to save the â€Å"crude heathens,† but dies shortly after arriving from a gunshot meant for Genji. Emily, an American missionary engaged to h im, is running away from her destructive beauty to Japan, where she is thought of as repulsive. She felt no feelings of love toward him, but agreed to the proposal because he protected her from the horrible men who sought to ake advantage of her. Stark accompanies Emily and Zephaniah, but instead of hoping to spread the â€Å"True Word,† he is after revenge. He is in pursuit of Ethan Cruz, who murdered his beloved Mary Anne and her two daughters. Ethan murdered them because Stark murdered his father-like mentor who ran the whorehouse when he wouldn’t let Mary Anne leave. Kawakami is Genji’s enemy and despises him above all things. He takes great pleasure in knowing what others do not. They are enemies because years ago, there was a great battle at Sekigahara and their families were on opposite sides. Both sides re convinced the battle is not truly over and seek to eliminate each other completely. Genji takes the missionaries into his care in the capital of Edo, but when foreign ships fire on Edo, they travel to the well-fortified Cloud of Sparrows castle. 2. Shigeru has visions of the coming bloodshed and mutilation of Japan. This takes place before the wars and defeat of Japan by the British and later, the Russians. I was surprised by the loyalty the characters exemplified, and how easily they shed the blood of those they had known for years. 3. The author is trying to show how honorable Japan was, and how tragic the all of the old ways. He wanted the reader to understand how the Japanese felt and thought, and what a dramatic effect the introduction of guns had on their society. He wanted the reader to feel the depressing sadness and most of all, the painful loss of centuries of history and tradition. I feel that he conveyed this very well. I really cared about the characters and genuinely wanted them to prevail and maintain their way of life, so it was really hard for me to know that in the end, no matter what, history would remain the s ame. They would be defeated, and their country would forever change.

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Book Review The Study Of Human Nature Philosophy Essay

Book Review The Study Of Human Nature Philosophy Essay In The Study of Human Nature by Leslie Stevenson, Stevenson writes about Confucian philosophy, most notably the Confucian philosophers Mencius and Hsun-tzu. In the several extracts from the Book of Mencius, Mencius to oppose the claim that human nature is neither good nor bad, but instead good. While from the Book of Hsun-tzu, Hsun-tzu states the opposite, that humans are naturally evil. Both books include the writings from these philosophers arguing whether human nature is good or evil. In the Book of Mencius, Mencius provides the arguments that show that human nature is indeed good. In the first few selections, Mencius quotes Kao Tzu and then follows to argue against him that human nature is not good or evil. Kao Tzu states that â€Å"human nature is like a chi willow† (23), where changing a human’s morality is like turning willow into cups and bowls. Mencius responds by saying that in order for willow to turn into cups and bowl it must be altered, and then you must also alter a human to make him good. Mencius is stating that the words of Kao Tzu are considering that morality is a mutilation of human nature. In addition, Kao Tzu states that â€Å"human nature is like whirling water†, it will flow whenever there’s an opening with no preference (23). However Mencius retaliates that it may be true that it has no preference but water will always seek low ground. It is water’s nature to flow downward, and thus there must be a nature for man. Hence, there is no man that is evil, because there is no water that does not flow downward (23). This means it is water’s nature to flow downward, and it is also human nature to be good. However you can manipulate water, whereas by splashing it and forcing the change of nature is like saying that humans can be evil, under forced circumstances (24). Mencius view of human nature can be concluded that all humans are naturally good but sometimes under certain conditions would be bad. Menc ius view is further supported on the rest of the sections. In section 6, Mencius again responds to Kao Tzu about the human nature of people. Kao Tzu uses a real-life example dictating the reign of a â€Å"good† and â€Å"bad† king. Mencius answers that all men are capable of being good. Mencius brings up the role of the four hearts: Heart of compassion to benevolence, heart of shame to dutifulness, heart of respect to observance of the rites, and the heart of right and wrong to wisdom (24). These four hearts are possessed by all men, however if they do not seek the hearts they will lose it. Mencius is saying that all men differ in development, as there are men who are â€Å"five times or countless times better than another man† (24) and that is because â€Å"Seek and you will find it; let go and you will lose it.† With that said, Mencius is saying it is not the fault of one’s nature to become bad, instead people who don’t make use of their h earts and follow it would untimely lose the hearts pertaining to doing good.

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Revenue - Math Problem Example Even though the property has never been renovated none of the hotels in its rating category has any advantages over it and changing the decor on a regular basis can be a means of making the place continually attractive to its clients. The hotel is close to public transportation which means that its guests do not have to go very far or get lost in order to obtain transportation. Additionally, there is direct access from the street to its food and beverage facility which means that this aspect of the business will be more successful than its competitors. It is expected that the food and beverage aspect of the business will provide similar level of revenue or probably more based on recent restaurant closures and the location of the facility. The hotel expects to have an above-fair market room share which means that its occupancy levels will be above the market average. Revenue generation This property has a number of avenues at its disposal to generate revenue. They include rooms, food and beverage, parking, laundry, telephone, entertainment and room service. This information is highlighted in the appendix. With an occupancy level of 60% and an ADR of $152 the property would be able to generate revenues from rooms of $705,580. This calculation takes into account rooms sold on week days (W/D) and weekends (W/E). Information gathered indicates that during quarter 1 of the previous years more leisure was demanded on weekends than on week days and so the rates were set higher on weekends than on week days. In the case of business the rates were higher on weekdays since this is usually the time when certain types of business like banks and service operations carry out their major activities. Corporate rates were also higher on weekdays than on weekends and so the information on occupancy and market mix was useful in this regard. The projections takes into account the maximize occupancy strategy. The use of this strategy will draw guests from other properties to this on e. Additionally, guests will get value for money and will return based on the distinctive characteristics of the property that sets it apart from the competition. The food and beverage facilities on the property should benefit tremendously from its proximity to public transportation and its access from the street. It has adequate space for the advertisement of the facilities. A guest survey that was done last year indicated that advertising was of great importance to all types of customers except tour groups. This would definitely help to boost not only the room revenue but food and beverage as well. Some restaurants recently closed their doors and this property stands to benefit from the lower number of restaurants in the area and the fact that none is scheduled to be built in the short term. Additionally, a number of corporate offices are opening in the area and this property stands tall with its distinct facilities which set it apart from its competitors. The property is expected to see approximately 700 additional persons for breakfast each day and this is considered very conservative, approximately 8,000 for lunch and 6,000 for dinner. This projection is based on the foregoing information as well as information obtained from the food and beverage performance and price points. Dinner followed by lunch is expected to be the main revenue generator. In terms of beverage from the bar there should be quite a bit of persons

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Electric sector in Ivory Coast Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Electric sector in Ivory Coast - Research Paper Example However, since the inception of their new president in 2010 the country is trying to build up its infrastructure especially the electric sector. The mission of the country in terms of electricity is to make Ivory Coast the center of the Western African power pool (Gnansounou, 2008). According to the author, the government is aiming at attracting both local and foreign investors. The government is cooperative and has launched opportunities in hydro and thermal generation of electricity. This gives private, foreign, and local investors a wide chance to invest in the country. To prove the seriousness of this situation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy was set up to help in promoting and implementing of the projects (Mbendi, 2012). Legal reforms and frameworks are also complete to pave way for easy implementation of the plan. This is to stimulate and attract investors. Currently the electric law n ° 85-583 established in 1985 and decree n °98-725 established in 1998 provides the Stat e with the monopoly power to transmit, distribute import and export power in the country (Pierre-Olivier Pineau, 2008). The monopoly power that the state owns is the major challenge the electric sector is facing. Amongst the strengths of the sector, include the strategic plans to allow private and foreign investors to help in transmission and distribution of electricity (Ray, 2011). RecommendationsïÆ' ¼Ã‚  The government should allow private and foreign investors to help in distribution and transmission of electricity.

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The Uses and Abuses of Nationalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Uses and Abuses of Nationalism - Essay Example The religious systems influenced the way commerce and trade has been done since the ancient times. During the 17th Century, there was a disagreement in establishing what was right according to the religious beliefs at the time. A rift had emerged between the Protestants and the Catholics, leading to the northern European nations’ interest in â€Å"trade and commerce† (896). The transition from Catholicism to Protestant among many Europeans created a transformation in commerce. Watson says, â€Å"New mercantile classes were replacing the traditional military and landowning aristocracies as the main political force.† (896).This demonstrates the influence of religion on trade and commerce during the ancient times. However, the influence of religious systems has continued to be minimal with time. In the modern day society, the input of the religious systems in matters of commerce and trade is almost inexistent. The change has been characterized by religious tolerance and freedom of religion as enshrined in the bill of rights. Colonization helped shape trade and commerce in the European countries as well as those of their colonies. Courtesy of British colonization, America sprung to become a giant economy partly because most of the individuals who embarked on building the country had a great background. Watson supports this argument by mentioning that, â€Å"Britain had her American colonies†¦ she had emerged as the most powerful of the maritime nations† (897). Some of the Britain’s benefits came from the trade and taxes that were levied on its colonies, an aspect that facilitated the growth of the economy. Slavery was a key component of economic growth, in an attempt to maintain supremacy and high economic output western countries pioneered by Portugal engaged in slave trade. It began around 1444 despite criticism from several quarters, especially from key

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The Inductive Argument from Evil and the Human Cognitive Condition Essay

The Inductive Argument from Evil and the Human Cognitive Condition - Essay Example The main goal of this paper is to delineate the inductive argument article of Alston and to critically analyze his arguments about the problem of evil, the principles related to skeptical theism, and if a logical argument of evil can be made possible. This world that we are living in is comprised of a very large extent of suffering. However, classical theism asserts that this world is made possible because of the creation of an omniscient, omnipotent, all seeing, and perfect God. The big question mark here is that why would this all powerful and gentle God develop a world that would include a bunch load of suffering? It is quite antagonistic in the sense that the concept of suffering is paired with good will and love. If it is an omniscient entity, the there should be no small bit of suffering in existence on the lands we are stepping in. Undoubtedly, suffering can be highly accredited to evil, that is, it is a bad thing. And this issue regarding the problem of evil was the principal issue in the empirical and inductive argument of Alston. The considerations regarding the problem of evil was the key variable into the establishment of the philosophical argument oftentimes called the argument from evil. As based on the introductory stages of the article, arguments can come from two different forms namely the deductive reasoning wherein its goal is to establish in a convincing fashion beyond any reasonable doubt, a God does not exist. On the other hand, its inductive reasoning counterpart seeks to promote an ideology that it is very implausible that a God exists to the point that it is beyond consciousness about believing of that God’s existence. Before discussing in detail about the inductive argument of evil and non-existence of God, it would be wise to have a brief account about the deductive version of the argument of evil to gain a

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Personal financial planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personal financial planning - Essay Example However where this healthcare system differs is that the insurance would not be run for profit and healthcare is provided to all people. Beveridge: This system of healthcare owes its namesake to William Beveridge who helped spearhead reforms in Great Britain’s National Health Service. Ultimately funding was to be drawn from taxpayers so the healthcare system becomes a government run institution (Like the fire departments, police forces, schools etc.) Many doctors and hospitals would be run and paid for by the government, and there would be private doctors & specialists who would receive payments from the government. Some hospitals (Such as veterans hospitals) may be run like this in the U.S. but overall this does not closely resemble the overall American system. Medicare: This loosely resembles the Canadian model which is sort of a hybrid of both the Bismarck and Beveridge systems. There exists both a private sector provider (Bismarck) but funding also comes from the governmen t which draws its funding from the tax base (Beveridge). So in essence there is no real incentive to deny claims insofar as there is no incentive to generate a profit.

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State house statue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

State house statue - Essay Example This is evidenced by not only the exposed chest, but also possession of a sword. In most occasions, the exposure of a man’s chest signifies an individual’s strength and boldness. On the other hand, possession of a sword is an indication of military participation of an individual. Thus, Washington played a significant role towards the close of the revolution. Although the congress was entitled to commemorate the first president of America, the statue was not designed in the right way. For instance, the sitting of Washington on a golden like seat portrays a bad picture to religious practices. To some extent, it is an indication of how Americans adore idols. Additionally, a half naked statue portrays a bad picture to the society; according to most societies, it is unethical for any person to expose private body parts. On the other hand, Washington’s possession of a sword is a sign of how he valued wars. From his offering of the sword, it is evident that Washington contributed towards the loss of many lives during his tenure as the president of America. From this, it is evident that the design of the statue does not honor Washington correctly. However, Washington deserves honor for not only being the first president of America, but also because of his contributions towards the success of the American

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Can Teaching The Key Ideas Of Object Orientation Be Aided By Using Dissertation

Can Teaching The Key Ideas Of Object Orientation Be Aided By Using Visual Representations - Dissertation Example Object oriented programming, however, remains an outstanding anomaly when it comes to teaching the concepts and the comprehension thereof. Much as it is difficult to introduce object oriented programming to novice, it also remains a nightmare to experienced procedural programmers to grasp the anthropomorphic perspective necessary for object-oriented design. Below are some of the shortcomings encountered when introducing (OOP) to a novice Paradigm shift. According to Schoenfeld et al. (1993) replacing one idea with another is not a simple task. Why then is OOP difficult for learners to comprehend Well to be able to answer this question perhaps we need to turn around, and view this menace from this spectrum; when should object-oriented programming be taught Due to the fact that Object oriented programming was considered as an advanced subject that was taught late in the curriculum, this must have dealt a mega psychological blow upon the minds of the learners. This is slowly changing: more Universities have started to teach object-orientation in their first programming course. The main reason for doing this is the often-cited problem of the paradigm shift. Learning to program in an object-oriented style seems to be very difficult after being used to a procedural style. (Anecdotal evidence, 1999 indicates that it takes the average programmer 6 to 18 months to switch her mind-set from a procedural to an object-oriented view of the world. ) Experience, on the other hand, also shows that students do not seem to have any difficulty-understanding object oriented principles when they encounter them for the first time. Global Regression. It is the switch... Paradigm shift. According to Schoenfeld et al. (1993) replacing one idea with another is not a simple task. Why then is OOP difficult for learners to comprehend Well to be able to answer this question perhaps we need to turn around, and view this menace from this spectrum; when should object-oriented programming be taught Due to the fact that Object oriented programming was considered as an advanced subject that was taught late in the curriculum, this must have dealt a mega psychological blow upon the minds of the learners. This is slowly changing: more Universities have started to teach object-orientation in their first programming course. The main reason for doing this is the often-cited problem of the paradigm shift. Learning to program in an object-oriented style seems to be very difficult after being used to a procedural style. (Anecdotal evidence, 1999 indicates that it takes the average programmer 6 to 18 months to switch her mind-set from a procedural to an object-oriented view of the world. ) Experience, on the other hand, also shows that students do not seem to have any difficulty-understanding object oriented principles when they encounter them for the first time. Global Regression. It is the switch that is difficult, not object-orientation, for instance getting the learner to give up the global knowledge of control that is possible with procedural programs, and rely on the local knowledge of objects to accomplish their tasks. Novice designs are littered with regressions to global thinking:

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How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience Essay Example for Free

How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience Essay The overall learning goal for us students is to grasp what the instructor teaches in class and gain extra knowledge and abilities through class discussion and interaction. To that end, it’s best to study in an optimal learning environment, so as to keep focused in class and avoid distraction from externals. We pay for the service – our learning experience, hoping to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of this kind of service. An optimal learning environment is beneficial to building a cohesive team in which members could communicate with each other, and to encouraging interactions among all the students and the professor. Through observation of major students behaviors, I find that the current physical environment in our classroom was somewhat defective. The following key points are summarized as major gaps or pitfalls in the current environment. Late Arrivals: I find that most of the students arrive in the classroom ahead of or on time. However, some may be late and walk in across the stage, thus distracting other’s attention in class. Uncomfortable Chairs: The pad on each seat can make annoying noise when we unfold it. This will distract other students’ attention, especially those who sit near the moving pads. Various Seating Preferences: students are seated randomly, most of students like to seat in the front row, and the outer of rows, leaving some seats in the middle empty, so the best capacity in the room isn’t fully utilized. Randomly seating also results in inconvenience for some group members to sit together. Inconvenient Seating Arrangement: the space between rows is narrow, so it’s not convenient for students to walk through and it’s always noisy to move the small pads connected to the seats. Moreover, it’s such a long row that it would be inconvenient and a waste of time to walk through one side to the middle or the other end. Less Efficient Equipment Blackboard and Projector: For those seating in the side areas and in the rear, the visibility of the projector isn’t so good. Similarly, when the professor writes on one side of the blackboard, those who seat in the other side have difficulty in reading the handwriting. Dim Lighting: the lighting in the classroom is a little dark that it’s easy for us to fall asleep. The arrangement of lights in the roof isn’t so rational that sometimes we can’t see the blackboards because of light reflecting. Insufficient Ventilation: The windows in the back are closed all the time and the air conditioning always creates an environment that is too cold or hot and dry. Students usually don’t feel very comfortable when there’re too many students in the classroom. Difficult Access to the Classroom: More often, only one door is open to the classroom, thus restricting students’ access to the classroom to only one way. Those who can’t find a seat near the door can only go the other side, and this would distract other’s attention. Besides, once the door is locked, the students can’t open it from outside, requiring help from those in the classroom. The above-mentioned points about the seating and facilities in the classroom would present unfavorable impacts on our learning experience. So a new layout of the classroom is required to help enhance our learning environment. Here I categorize the objectives into four points as the conceptual design principles. * To make full use of the 75 minutes in class, which means there’s no or little disruption during class. * Perfect seating arrangement to facilitate easy access and smooth movement. * Minimum discipline required relating to seating arrangement so that everyone will feel comfortable when in class. * Make facilities, such as blackboard and projector, lighting, acoustics, and walls, conducive to learning experience. (b) What specific improvement would your proposed redesign help accomplish? Generally speaking, students will learn best in a clean, comfortable, and quiet environment where there are no external disruptions and noises. So we need a positive classroom climate to allow us to meet the basic needs of physical and mental health. The following session is about the recommendations I make to help alleviate the gaps and thus enhance the learning experience. Physically Comfortable Chairs: We could improve the quality of the chairs by signing contracts with those chair-makers who could provide user-friendly chairs. That is to say, the activity space for writing and putting stuffs would be larger, and it’s best for the chairs to be soundless when we unfold the pads with them. Easy Access Seating Arrangements: I will redesign the current layout of the seats by dividing all these seats into four columns and four rows. There could be four seats per column for the middle two columns, and the other two sides columns could have five or six seats each. The distance between each row could be larger so as to allow sufficient space for individuals to learn. This kind of design could enable students to access to the seats easily without disturbing others much. The professor could also make minimum requirements that those who come early seat in the middle, thus those who are late for class could seat in the sided columns without distracting others. More importantly, since a team is usually composed of four persons, it’s also convenient for groups to sit together. Additionally, in this way, students will seat together more compactly, facilitating discussion among teachers and students. Larger Projector Screen and High-tech Handwriting: It would be best to widen the projector screen in this rectangular room. As I mentioned above, for those seat in the sides and rear, it’s hard to recognize some important contents in the slides projected on the screen (e. g. numbers, charts). Enlarging the projector screen would surely enhance the visibility of projector and hence improve our learning experience. Meanwhile, I noticed that sometimes the handwriting of the professor is hard to read. And those sitting aside couldn’t see the notes in the blackboard clearly. So I recommend that the professor use high-tech product such as the pad or IBM’s tablet-based pen, by which the professor could write on the screen of the laptop and it could then be projected in the blackboard screen. With enlarged screen, the visibility of handwriting could also be enhanced. Bright Lighting and â€Å"Audiovisual Scenario†: We need to add more electrical lights in our classroom and rearrange the light distribution. However, the lights couldn’t be too bright to harm the eyes and result in reflecting. More importantly, we need to consider the illuminance levels according to daylight, glaring and uniformity. Another thing we need to take into account is the lighting requirements for video images. So it’s best for us to have two distinctly lighting setups: a â€Å"bright† classroom with appropriate illuminance throughout the classroom, and an †audiovisual† scenario that limits light on the screen to a suitable level when we see vedios in class. Warm Color of walls: Choosing the right color for classroom walls is conducive to learning experience. The right pain color of the wall can transform a distracted environment into a focused space. White is a traditional color, but it could undermine the learning environment of the classroom. It reflects most of the lights that hits it, and could be harsh and exhaust our eyes. While taupe and cream colors of wall would be warmer, and could help students more focused. Evidence also shows that warm colors such as taupe and cream can stimulate creativity. Using different colors on the wall where there’re some facilities so as to remind the professor and students of the purpose of them. For example, the background color of the walls on which there are hangers could be light blue or purple, colors which can also help you relaxed and calmed. Optimized Ventilation: The method of distributing outdoor air in classroom has a positive impact on indoor air quality and thermal comfort of students. So it would be better if students could open the windows in the back wall when the class is finished. And students who come for the next class could close the windows before class, letting fresh air come in for 15-20 minutes. Moreover, It’s best to leave the two doors to the classroom open. On the one hand, it could expedite the flow rate of air and enhance the ventilation and exchange effectiveness. On the other hand, leaving two doors open would facilitate those late arrivals to find seats in the sides, so that they don’t need to go straightly in front of the teacher, thus diminishing distraction. External Diminished Noise and Distraction: Since the walls in the classroom are already sound proof, we don’t need to worry about the noise from outside. The major noise created by late arrivals to move through seats could be addressed through the new layout of seats and improved seat quality. Hence, students would be more focused in class. Clean Environment and Safety Facilities: Basically, a clean environment in the classroom is a must for students to gain the best learning experience. Students should be required to take with them the trashes after class, and the cleaners also need to tide the classrooms more frequently. Furthermore, It’s best to check the safety facilities in the classroom such as the fire alarm on a regular basis, say, twice a month. Because students will be relieved when they know they are learning in a safe place. In sum, the above-mentioned rearrangements are all considered to be physically, emotionally and academically favorable to the learning experience in this classroom. Once students are physically comfortable with the environment they are in, they will be emotionally focused on what they are learning and talking. Moreover, the academically improved learning equipment could maximize the learning experience the students would go through.