Sunday, May 26, 2019

Macbeths feelings

Macbeth feels great remorse and guilt for the act that he lust committed. He washs precise much that he did not kill the King and this Is shown through his excerpts in Act 2 scene 2. He describes his hands as being a sorry sight for they are drenched in the Kings blood. The blood is has a very symbolic meaning for Macbeth as the blood does not just show that he has killed the King but also that he has shown shame towards the one closest to God, and that it has now been proven that he must go ahead with being coronate King.He constantly suffers psychologically and contemplates that people will find out about his cleanup of the King and explains that he heard a voice saying that he has killed sleep so he will sleep no more. He starts acting very nervous towards the people around him, especially the servants who he killed when he axiom them straight away. He explains to Macadam that it is not possible to feel wise, amazed, temperate and furious, loyal and neutral all at once, and th at he just killed them because he saw the daggers in their hands and It would not be fair If they survived.Macbeth over exaggerates his murder eying that the blood from his hands will turn the oceans green to red and that Neptune ocean would never cloudless his hands of this act. Macbeth is starting to act guilty towards the murder and he is regretting largely what he did. There are also streaks of fear in his thinking patterns when he says to Lady Macbeth that he is afraid to think what I have done, being the Kings slaughter. These comments from Macbeth explain to us that he really does feel great remorse for killing the high Liege and that hopes no one will ever find out his horrendous crime

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