Monday, September 9, 2019

Personal financial planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personal financial planning - Essay Example However where this healthcare system differs is that the insurance would not be run for profit and healthcare is provided to all people. Beveridge: This system of healthcare owes its namesake to William Beveridge who helped spearhead reforms in Great Britain’s National Health Service. Ultimately funding was to be drawn from taxpayers so the healthcare system becomes a government run institution (Like the fire departments, police forces, schools etc.) Many doctors and hospitals would be run and paid for by the government, and there would be private doctors & specialists who would receive payments from the government. Some hospitals (Such as veterans hospitals) may be run like this in the U.S. but overall this does not closely resemble the overall American system. Medicare: This loosely resembles the Canadian model which is sort of a hybrid of both the Bismarck and Beveridge systems. There exists both a private sector provider (Bismarck) but funding also comes from the governmen t which draws its funding from the tax base (Beveridge). So in essence there is no real incentive to deny claims insofar as there is no incentive to generate a profit.

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