Thursday, September 12, 2019

Electric sector in Ivory Coast Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Electric sector in Ivory Coast - Research Paper Example However, since the inception of their new president in 2010 the country is trying to build up its infrastructure especially the electric sector. The mission of the country in terms of electricity is to make Ivory Coast the center of the Western African power pool (Gnansounou, 2008). According to the author, the government is aiming at attracting both local and foreign investors. The government is cooperative and has launched opportunities in hydro and thermal generation of electricity. This gives private, foreign, and local investors a wide chance to invest in the country. To prove the seriousness of this situation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy was set up to help in promoting and implementing of the projects (Mbendi, 2012). Legal reforms and frameworks are also complete to pave way for easy implementation of the plan. This is to stimulate and attract investors. Currently the electric law n ° 85-583 established in 1985 and decree n °98-725 established in 1998 provides the Stat e with the monopoly power to transmit, distribute import and export power in the country (Pierre-Olivier Pineau, 2008). The monopoly power that the state owns is the major challenge the electric sector is facing. Amongst the strengths of the sector, include the strategic plans to allow private and foreign investors to help in transmission and distribution of electricity (Ray, 2011). RecommendationsïÆ' ¼Ã‚  The government should allow private and foreign investors to help in distribution and transmission of electricity.

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