Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Christopher Columbus, journal excerpts and letter Essay

Christopher Columbus, journal excerpts and letter - Essay Example The sojourner reached remote islands and places. He named the first island found San Salvador in honor to Lord and Saviour who gave such ‘miracle’ (Cohen, 1992, p. 115) although natives called it Guanahani. The second island he has gone to was named Santa Maria de Concepcion, the third was â€Å"Fernandina† and the fourth was â€Å"Isabela†. The fifth island was named â€Å"Juana† (Cohen 1992 p. 115). What catches Columbus’ attention as he makes and encounters the native islanders? When Columbus met some native men gathered he immediately took notice of their masculine features, long hair and bodies painted in black, red and white. His compassion made him think that these persons should be converted to Christianity â€Å"by love and not by force†. (Cohen 1992) He also noticed that there were villagers who immediately left their homes when the ships were seen to have arrived in the area. In his report, he described his amazement at how these people received their gifts and their strong interest in material things was illustrated by how the natives immediately put these materials on their body (Mar, 1996).

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